I'm in serious need or a computer desk chair. If anyone has one or know where one can be acquired please let me know. Thank you!
will take broken items
Rescued two kittens with too much energy! Can pick up mostly any time. Thank you in advance!
will take broken items
will take broken units that dont operate
Looking for pants for a man in need. Any color jeans, casual pants. Not dressy pants.Xtra large short sleeve shirts or Tshirts.
I need several for garage storage
Looking for old artificial Christmas trees to create a "forest" for a volunteer event. If you're replacing yours this year, or have one you're no longer using please donate! All sizes needed.
I am looking for a working dehumidifier. Thanks
Hello, I have a friend who is a 2 yr breast cancer survivor and is in charge of her support groups meeting supplies this month. They are in need of canvases, acrylic paints and brushes. Your donations are much appreciated. Thank you in advance.
In need of 4 chairs to complete dining room set. Thank you!
will take broken items
Good lady needs a car for work.
Looking for tiles or tools for mosaic making. Thank you.
Looking for Ink for my printer, go through quite a bit as I homeschool my children. I have a Epson XP-330 All In One printer. Any Donations would be appreciated. Also printer paper would be appreciated as well. Thank you.
seal busted on my frig...unemployed older lady with autistic just need a little help at times please and thank you any info would also help
Hi! Looking for a modern working juicer... if you aren't using it, I can use it! Thanks :)
I am currently staying with and takng care of my elderly Aunt and we are in desperate need of a refrigerator. I cant be a very big one as it wont get through her doors of her old shotgun house. Thank you very much
I am currently taking care of and staying with my elderly aunt. we are in desperate need of a washing machine. Please and Thank you.
Just looking for the Trundle go slide under a daybed. Thank you!
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